Celebrating 10 Years of Open Doors, 2006-2016!

For the past ten years, our donors have helped fix crumbling walls, leaky roofs, sagging floors and outdated wiring. Giving willingly. Generously.  Repeatedly.  And because of our donors, we’ve done it! We’ve restored this historic estate together.

Now, it’s time to dream–dream big!  We haven’t restored Highfield so that it can sit beautifully, but quietly, on the hill.  The dream to make Highfield a vibrant cultural center has already begun.  It includes world-class art exhibitions, like Kanreki: A 60 Year Journey, coming this summer.  The dream brings world-class performers like pianist Carolyn Enger from Carnegie Hall to Highfield Hall. It also turns the front lawn blue–as in bluegrass.  Every summer, over 800 people turn our annual free Bluegrass Festival into a destination celebration.

Highfield isn’t home to anyone.  It’s home to everyone.  Kids. Grown-ups.  Neighbors. Visitors.  The welcome mat is out and the doors are open!  Come inside.  Meet an artist. Cook with a chef.  Listen to music.  Walk the paths.  Smell the flowers.  Don’t keep off the grass–roll around in it!

What a legacy! Highfield Hall & Gardens exists for you. It exists because of you. You helped us restore this historic landmark so that we can realize a new dream.  Your gift today will help us continue to make Highfield the most amazing place we can imagine.  Together.

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