The Gardens Initiative!

Celebrate the Gardens!

Highfield Hall & Gardens is committed to creating moments of ENGAGEMENT, DELIGHT, and LEARNING to be enjoyed by all visitors. We are developing and implementing projects—both big and small—aimed at educational programs and facility improvements.

This multi-year commitment is an ambitious project to reactivate Highfield’s existing historic cisterns, create an outdoor children’s interactive experience, improve the grounds to be more universally accessible, plant a pollinator garden and continue strategic planning for outdoor sculptures. Come join the effort!

Here are some of the projects we are working on:

Irrigation System

Sustainable water management is at the heart of a larger effort to develop a self-sustaining irrigation system for the entire property.

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Pollinator Path

Our gardens are spaces for education, enjoyment, and contemplation. We strive to be sustainable and responsible stewards of our environment. This garden illustrates the important role that pollinators play in our world—all in a beautiful, fun, and accessible way.

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We are committed to making the property and grounds more accessible for all visitors. Clearing trails and removing roots, adding gathering and resting spaces, widening paths—these are a few of the ways we are making our property easier to explore.

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Musical Path

Along the Beech Tree Path, we envision a series of musical instruments such as chimes, drums, and a xylophone. This kind of open-ended play is a proven educational tool. By introducing play and sound to our outdoor areas, the musical path will be a way for visitors to engage with nature and have fun while learning.

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Outdoor Sculpture

Art does not have to be on a gallery wall or up on a pedestal. At its best, art is an experience for all the senses: touch, sight, sound, and more. This project would allow us to install art that visitors can interact with in new and surprising ways. A sculpture garden supports our commitment to bring high-quality art to our local community.

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