Submit an Exhibition

To submit a proposal for an exhibition at Highfield, contact Joanne Ingersoll, Director of Exhibitions & Interpretation

Thank you for your interest in Highfield Hall & Gardens. All exhibitions at Highfield Hall & Gardens must go through a vetting process, an artist and/or curator may submit a request to exhibit to the director of Exhibitions and Interpretation.

All proposals must include the following:

1. Curatorial statement and/or exhibition theme.

2. Describe the relevance of having the exhibition at Highfield Hall & Gardens. Does is connect to the history, or current mission of Highfield Hall?

3. What is the subject of exhibition? What type of objects will be included to support the subject of exhibition?

4. Who is your intended audience for this exhibition?

5. Estimated number of objects to be included.

6. List of participating artists and/or organizations.

7. One or more educational program concepts associated with exhibition theme.

8. Special installation requirements.

9. CV and bio, including complete contact details

10. Suggested time frame of exhibition, installation and dismantle

Please allow up to 60 days for a decision from Highfield Hall’s staff and committee members.

Thank you for your interest.

Tel: phone 508-495-1878, x 316