Out of the Box! Art and Science Walk

Out of the Box!
Art and Science Walk

June 24 – September 3

Artist reception: June 24, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

This exhibition of sculptures and environmental installations offers the viewer an intriguing opportunity to view and interact with the art, while also considering the connection between science and artistic expression.  The exhibition, located on the grounds around the estate, is available for viewing during daylight hours, admission free.

The Botanical Fainting Couch
Sarah Peters

Nancy Selvage

Nancy Train Smith

Ed Andrews

Ben Silva

Sally Fine

Michael Alfano

The Alvin Line
Lead Line from the Alvin
Woods Hole Oceanographic

The Chimes at Highfield
part of our new
Musical Instrument Path

The Dome at Highfield
Inspired by Buckminster Fuller

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