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Garden Tip 87:
June 23, 2022

Garden Tip 88: CARING FOR YOUR RHODODENDRONS A while back I used the term “follow the flower” regarding the correct time to prune spring flowering trees and shrubs. The same principle applies to late spring and early summer bloomers as well. I spent the last couple of days in my garden pruning my large leaf rhododendron– pruning stem by stem to maintain their natural appearance, as opposed to sheering them into geometric shapes. Large leaf rhododendrons tend to grow a bit erratically, with many stems growing at a uniform rate while others can add on two to three feet [...]


Garden Tip 87:
June 16, 2022

Garden Tip 87: IT'S TIME FOR THE CHELSEA CHOP! The Royal Horticultural Society has held the annual Chelsea Flower Show every year at the end of May since 1913 in Chelsea, London. There is a garden task that corresponds to these dates that has become known as the Chelsea chop. We spoke of this last year, but it is good to have a timely reminder once again because the window of opportunity is short. The Chelsea chop helps to prolong the blooms of summer and fall flowering perennials such as tall phlox and heliopsis. The chop involves cutting back [...]


Lion’s Mane “Crabby Patties”
June 9, 2022

Week 108: RECIPE OF THE WEEK FROM HIGHFIELD HALL & GARDENS STAFF, LISA WALKER If you’ve never heard of Lion’s Mane mushrooms, don’t fret– not many people have, but once you try them you’ll wonder why it took you so long! This mushroom is popular in vegan and vegetarian recipes as it provides an amazing hearty and firm texture, very similar to crab, shredded chicken, and even shrimp! It is mild in flavor and an excellent vehicle to take on the different flavors with which you are cooking.  An added bonus– research has found that lion’s mane [...]


Garden Tip 86:
June 9, 2022

Garden Tip 86: HYDRANGEA SEASON IS ALMOST HERE!  Hydrangea season will soon be upon us and flowers of blue, pink, purple and white will abound in shapes of globes, cones, and lace caps. While flowers are their most important attribute, some hydrangeas have colorful foliage that can add interest to your garden. Hydrangea Fire Island and Hydrangea Hamptons, two varieties from the Seaside Serenade Collection, have burgundy foliage in the spring that turns dark green in summer. Hydrangea Lady in Red has red stems and red-veined dark green leaves that turn a rich purple hue come fall. By far, [...]


Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Soy Sauce Ranch Dipping Sauce
June 2, 2022

Week 107: RECIPE OF THE WEEK FROM HIGHFIELD HALL & GARDENS STAFF, GAIL BLAKELY Our cooking class from last week’s “Appetizers for Dinner” voted this recipe a keeper! In addition to serving the soy sauce ranch as a dip, I added shredded cabbage and it got a five star rating as a coleslaw! Email Gail


Garden Tip 85:
June 2, 2022

Garden Tip 85: USING EVERGREENS IN YOUR GARDEN In the past I have talked of the importance of using evergreens in the garden to lend form and structure to the landscape and to act as the winter “bones” of the garden. Evergreens are an important ingredient in bird-friendly landscaping as well. Many bird species prefer to nest in evergreen trees and shrubs because their dense growth offers excellent concealment of vulnerable nests. A few nests I have noted thus far this season include cardinals in the English Holly and robins and catbirds in the Japanese Ilex. I am happy [...]


Fish Tacos
May 26, 2022

Week 106: RECIPE OF THE WEEK FROM HIGHFIELD HALL & GARDENS STAFF, KAY BENAROCH Fish tacos are a delicious and healthy meal to serve during late spring and summer. My mango salsa adds some sweetness and heat and is the perfect accompaniment for these delicious tacos. The recipe provides 2 to 3 tacos per person, but feel free to double it for a larger crowd! Email Gail


Garden Tip 84:
May 26, 2022

Garden Tip 84: TIPS FOR MOVING PLANTS OUTDOORS May 15th, May 31st, Memorial Day, after the full moon– these are some of the answers you will receive when you ask the question: “When is it safe to put frost sensitive plants outside in the month of May?” Frost sensitive plants include annual plants, vegetable plants, and of course house plants. I wait until night temperatures remain consistently in the fifties. This year I choose May 18th to begin the exodus of my house plants to the great outdoors. Once I begin, I try to do a few plants each [...]


Garden Tip 83:
May 19, 2022

Garden Tip 83: CARING FOR TULIPS AND DAFFODILS AFTER FLOWERING Last week we spoke of pruning spring flowering shrubs right after the flowers have passed. The same can be said of spring flowering bulbs. Tulip and daffodil flowers are now going by and should be removed. It is important when removing the old flower to remove the seed pod at it’s base at the same time. This improves the look of the plant and ensures that the energy and food produced this year will go to the bulb and not to the seed. The simplest way to remove the [...]


Strawberry Bread
May 19, 2022

Week 105: RECIPE OF THE WEEK FROM VOLUNTEER, SUE FULLER Strawberry season is almost upon us and this Strawberry Bread (recipe submitted from volunteer extraordinaire, Susan Fuller) will delight your friends and family. The recipe comes from the Crème de Colorado Cookbook by the Junior League of Denver. The Highfield staff couldn’t get enough of it! * Susan recommends reserving the juice and adding it to the cream cheese with the jam. Email Gail


Garden Tip 82:
May 12, 2022

Garden Tip 82: PRUNING FLOWERING SHRUBS We are well into spring and it is time to talk a bit about pruning spring flowering shrubs (those that bloom before June). My advice is to “follow the flower” by pruning spring flowering shrubs right after they have finished blooming. Spring bloomers will develop next years flower buds on this season’s growth, so it is important to prune them early in the season to give them plenty of time to grow and set bud for next year. Save the hedge shears for pruning just that– hedges– such as yew and privet. Prune [...]


Garden Tip 81:
May 5, 2022

Garden Tip 81:RABBIT PROOFING YOUR GARDENSLonger days, warmer temperatures and rabbits in the garden are sure signs of spring. The rabbits in my garden have expensive taste. Bypassing swaths of bittercress, chickweed and clover they go right for the good stuff like children in a candy store. They must be watching me as well for when I plant a new specimen in my garden! Among the thousands of plants that are there, they seek it out and are in for the taste test within twenty four hours. Rabbits are more than welcome to eat my clover and chomp on my lawn [...]


Panna Cotta
May 5, 2022

Week 103: RECIPE OF THE WEEK FROM THE STAFF AT HIGHFIELD HALL & GARDENS, GAIL BLAKELY I don’t usually offer recipes that suggest hard to find ingredients, but this one is just so good, I couldn’t resist. Lu Matrascia appeared on “Falmouth is Cooking” on FCTV last month, and she demonstrated how to make this dessert. Should you be interested, you can watch the show on YouTube.com, where I featured her cookbook, There Are Rules. I ordered gelatin sheets on line—they are a European form of our Knox Gelatin Powder. Some panna cotta recipes call for using the powdered gelatin, and if [...]


Garden Tip 80:
April 28, 2022

Garden Tip 80: EDGE MULCHING A while ago, I spoke of the benefits of adding woodchips to garden beds. They act as a buffet feeding all the living microorganisms in the soil. For a more finished look, I still use bark mulch on the edge of the beds. This time of year we often see landscapers raking or blowing yards and yards of bark mulch into the garden. I realized many years ago that it is really only necessary to mulch the front ten or twelve inches of beds that are densely planted for that is all that is [...]


Mahi Mahi with Lemon Garlic Butter Sauce
April 28, 2022

Week 102: RECIPE OF THE WEEK FROM THE STAFF AT HIGHFIELD HALL & GARDENS, KAY BENAROCH Mahi Mahi, otherwise known as Dorado, is deservedly a popular fish. When done right, mahi mahi is tender, flaky, and deliciously flavorful. This lemon garlic butter sauce in this recipe (from Chew Out Loud) is sensational. Email Gail


Garden Tip 79:
April 14, 2022

Garden Tip 79: CARING FOR DAFFODILS The yellows, whites and pinks of daffodils are brightening April gardens everywhere you look. Daffodil bulbs are tough, dependable and they multiply. Over the years one bulb will grow into a cluster of bulbs. In the garden you may notice some of the clumps have a lot of foliage with few and small flowers. This is a good indication that these clumps have become overcrowded. Mark these clumps now with a flag or label, and be prepared to dig, divide and transplant these clumps when the plants go dormant in early summer. Clumps [...]

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