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Garden Tip 74:
March 3, 2022

Garden Tip 74: SPRING REFLECTION Spring brings another season of gardening and another series of Garden Tips. It is important to note that my garden tips are just that, they are a reflection of what I am doing in my own garden and are not necessarily the only way or only right way to perform a garden task. Over time we gain new knowledge and insight into the natural world, and this knowledge sometimes suggests changes in how we do things in the garden. Each of us will reflect on these changes and create our own path to the [...]


Skillet-Roasted Lemon Chicken
Feb. 24, 2022

Week 94: RECIPE OF THE WEEK FROM THE STAFF AT HIGHFIELD HALL & GARDENS, TARA BURKE This one-skillet dish is a breeze to make, and delicious comfort food on a rainy Cape Cod day! Since we are on a calorie-cutting mission, we skipped the carbs and served with broccoli, but if you are so inclined, you may want to serve with buttered egg noodles to round out this dish. I hope you enjoy it! Email Gail


Garden Tip 73:
December 9, 2021

Garden Tip 73: HYBRID HOLLIES A big part of the holiday season is decorating with fresh cut greens. Cut berried holly is one of the more popular greens used this time of year. I have found the Meserveae Hollies to be the best hybrid hollies for this use because of their color, berry count and longevity. Meserveae Hollies are a cross between Ilex aquifolium (for winter hardiness) and Ilex Rugosa (an English style holly). Ilex meserveae “Blue Princess” is my favorite. Like other hollies in this group, the shrub has dark purple stems, extremely dark, blue green shiny foliage [...]


5 (or 6) Ingredient Creamy Miso Pasta
Feb. 14, 2022

Week 92: RECIPE OF THE WEEK FROM THE STAFF AT HIGHFIELD HALL & GARDENS, LISA WALKER This easy dish is quick enough for a weeknight but it’s also has a complexity that makes it nice for a special weekend dinner too!  It’s a bit of a riff on the traditional Italian dish Cacio e Pepe pasta but with an added layer of umami thanks to the miso paste.  To achieve a silky-smooth pasta, vigorously toss the pasta, grated cheese, and pasta water together to achieve a properly emulsified sauce – I actually watched a YouTube video on how to master this [...]


Mini Vegetable Pot Pies
Jan. 20, 2022

Week 90: RECIPE OF THE WEEK FROM THE STAFF AT HIGHFIELD HALL & GARDENS, MICHELLE ITZKOWITZ These mini vegetable pot pies are a perfect entrée option for any time of year, especially the chilly ones. They are packed with vegetables, beans, and a creamy cashew sauce. Serve them with roasted Brussels sprouts, sautéed greens, or a kale salad. Adapted from a recipe by Cadry Nelson Email Gail


Understory: Juried Exhibition of the Guild of American Papercutters
April 19, 2022

Understory: Juried Exhibition of the Guild of American Papercutters APRIL 19th - JULY 10th Turning Cut Paper into Art Understory refers to the rich variety of life and activity found near and on the forest floor, where little sun penetrates. A juried selection of cut paper artwork by Guild of American Papercutters (GAP) members, explores the literal and figurative understory, as well as hidden, underground, or underwater ecosystems of any kind. The Guild of American Papercutters is a membership-based community that promotes awareness about, preserves the heritage of, and advances the art of papercutting. We invite you to visit and [...]


Collectors Collecting Collections
February 9, 2022

Collectors Collecting Collections FEBRUARY 9th - OCTOBER 30th Highfield opens the exciting new Winter 2022 season with an expertly curated one-of-a-kind exhibition exploring the time-honored tradition of collecting.  What one collects, why, and how one collects, will be explored throughout 2022 in the curated series of four installations titled, Collectors Collecting Collections. Whether an artistic, scientific, eccentric, or sentimental pursuit, collecting has been a passion for centuries, and understanding why people collect has been a topic of interest for many of those years. The exhibition series was inspired by information gleaned from the Beebe Family Archive stored by [...]


Hetty McKinnon’s Flourless Soy Sauce Brownies
Jan. 13, 2022

Week 89: RECIPE OF THE WEEK FROM THE STAFF AT HIGHFIELD HALL & GARDENS, GAIL BLAKELY Soy sauce brownies? As someone used to say in politics, “You betcha!” You have to try these to believe them–dark and dense. Served chilled, they are positively delicious! Use the best chocolate and cocoa you can afford and a good brand of almond meal (such as King Arthur Baking or Bob’s Red Mill). I like tamari in these, but you could use low-sodium soy sauce if that’s what you have on hand. Enjoy! Email Gail


Auntie D’s Date Nut Bread
Dec. 16, 2021

Week 87: RECIPE OF THE WEEK FROM THE STAFF AT HIGHFIELD HALL & GARDENS, TARA BURKE When we think about the holidays, we often times look at our past traditions to create memories in the present. In our family, my sister's Date Nut Bread has been a staple whenever we gather for the holidays. The funny thing about tradition is, you never know what's going to "stick" with the next generation. So, as my adult children were preparing for their recent holiday away from home, the one recipe they called me for was Auntie D's Date Nut Bread! Naturally, [...]


Grown Up Mac & Cheese
Dec. 9, 2021

Week 86: RECIPE OF THE WEEK FROM THE STAFF AT HIGHFIELD HALL & GARDENS, ALISON MARTIN Mac & cheese is always a good meal for cold winter nights, especially during the busy holiday season since it's easy to prep ahead and then reheat! This mac & cheese recipe is best prepared using a large lasagna pan to contain all of the delicious pasta, cheese and béchamel sauce. Email Gail


Monsignor’s Decadence
Dec. 2, 2021

Week 85: RECIPE OF THE WEEK FROM THE STAFF AT HIGHFIELD HALL & GARDENS, GAIL BLAKELY This is a decades old favorite recipe, updated for our new(ish) available ingredients. I used a package of Godiva instant dark chocolate pudding mix and 12 ounces of Guittard dark chocolate chips. The result was beyond my expectations…garnish with holiday “bling” or just serve plain, dusted with powdered sugar.  Fresh raspberries in the middle are optional. This cake was enjoyed by a “Cooking for Hanukkah” class as well as by the crew setting up our Holidays at Highfield. I wish we had a photo [...]


Potato-Leek Tart with Gochujang & Honey
Nov. 18, 2021

Week 84: RECIPE OF THE WEEK FROM THE STAFF AT HIGHFIELD HALL & GARDENS, MICHELLE ITZKOWITZ Puff pastry is the perfect balance of crunchy and buttery for tarts like this one. Serve this potato-leek tart as a first course or alongside roast turkey instead of mashed potatoes! Recipe by Nik Sharma of The Flavor Equation and EatingWell Magazine (November 2021). Email Gail


Garden Tip 72:
November 18, 2021

Garden Tip 72: LEAVE THE LEAVES! The hard frosts have come and the leaves have fallen. We are all familiar now with the idea of leaving the leaves. Leaves break down in the soil adding nutrients and organic matter and over a short time become gardeners gold. I mow my lawn frequently this time of year not to cut the grass but to mulch, bag and harvest the leaves that have fallen on the lawn.  I spread these mulched leaves on garden beds near walkways and outdoor living areas. In larger garden beds and shrub borders I simply rake the [...]


Garden Tip 71:
November 11, 2021

Garden Tip 71: HARVESTING TUBERS November is here and we have had our first frost of the season. This is a signal to plants in the garden that it is indeed time to stop growing and shut down for the winter. Plants grown from tubers that are not winter hardy such as canna lily and dahlia can be dug now and stored for planting again next season. I harvest the tubers when the weather is predicted to be sunny for a couple of days. After digging the tubers I remove the stems and any excess soil. It is important [...]


Garden Tip 70:
November 4, 2021

Garden Tip 70: FALL PERENNIAL CARE November is here, and many of us will be cutting back perennials and getting garden beds ready for winter. As we go about this task, it is important to remember that some perennials with woody stems should be cut back in the spring instead of the fall to avoid winter damage and to enhance their performance in the summer garden. Perennials in this category include buddleia, caryopteris, hypericum and perovskia. During fall cleanup it is also important to watch for plants that have been plagued with any insect or disease problems during the [...]


Cleora Butler’s Mother’s Gingerbread
Nov. 4, 2021

Week 82: RECIPE OF THE WEEK FROM THE STAFF AT HIGHFIELD HALL & GARDENS, GAIL BLAKELY This is perhaps the best gingerbread I have ever made. It's not too sweet, good for breakfast and snacking. It's a southern recipe, easily halved if you want. I usually bake it in two pans and give one away. Email Gail

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