Creating a Conversation on Political Artwork at Highfield Hall

An exhibition by local artist Salley Mavor was recently canceled, resulting in much discussion as to what that decision says about Highfield Hall & Gardens (HH&G) as an institution.  Highfield Hall & Gardens does not support censoring artists or their artwork, and fully supports artistic freedom of expression.  The organization is in awe of Salley’s artistic capability which is… read more

Maker Stories: Richard Cooke, the Vagabond Music Maker

Maker Stories: Richard Cooke, the Vagabond Music Maker

Picture this. You’re strolling down the Beech Tree Path, just minding your own business, soaking up the afternoon sun. Up ahead, something catches your eye—glints of silver poking through all the greenery. Curious as a cat, you slink closer, waiting to pounce on your discovery: three giant instruments! What do you do? Start playing! That’s exactly what their creator, Grammy-award-winner… read more

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