Togetherness: The Front Steps Project


Togetherness celebrates and documents a unique period in the recent history of Falmouth and the surrounding communities of Bourne, Mashpee, and Sandwich. Business owner and local photographer Lee Geishecker, together with realtor and community business organizer Annie Hart Cool, produced a visual diary of people in these communities affected by the unprecedented restrictions and limits to normal life brought on by COVID 19.


Winter Wonderland Village

November 27 - December 13,  2020

New Exhibit this holiday season, keeping safety protocols in mind, is located on the front lawn with A Passing Fancy as its backdrop. In the fairy house tradition, the miniature village will be created using natural elements, and feature representations of woodland creatures, gnomes, tiny worlds, in a holiday theme if one wishes. 


Ancestry + Legacy


Ancestry + Legacy is a meditation on how past, present, and future are inextricably intertwined. Artists in the show contemplate how their own unique ancestries influence both their present lives and future legacies. This theme manifests in a vast range of media and subject matter, as each artist has a unique background and thus offers a different perspective.


Virtual Senioritis 2020

May 2020 - June 2020

This was the 14th annual senioritis show at Highfield Hall, a tradition started by Jane Baker and Barbara Milligan in 2007 when Falmouth High School was under construction.  Over the years, the show has become an event that is greatly anticipated and cherished by the senior class.  Thanks so much for helping us to continue the tradition virtually this year and giving this special opportunity to our students! 


*Virtual* 60/60: Over Sixty Pieces of Art by Women Over Sixty

MAY 15 - AUGUST 23rd

Juried Art Show at Falmouth's Highfield Hall produced by Art Because... We are women. We are artists. We are over sixty. What do we have to say? We were teens & young adults in the 1960’s. Now, sixty years later, what is it we want to say to the world through our art?


60/60: Over Sixty Pieces of Art by Women Over Sixty

JULY 8th - AUGUST 23rd

Juried Art Show at Falmouth's Highfield Hall produced by Art Because... We are women. We are artists. We are over sixty. What do we have to say? We were teens & young adults in the 1960’s. Now, sixty years later, what is it we want to say to the world through our art? Let’s look at over sixty pieces of art by women over sixty who all grew up in the sixties. Then maybe we can answer some of these questions.


Personae Gratae: Begin At Home

January 28, 2020 - March 22, 2020

The show opens the 2020 season for the house and frames the historic home, Highfield Hall, as a valuable cultural resource from our past. The exhibition honors the notion of home, and places the Victorian period house in its greater historical context. The scope of the installation will include objects from the late-nineteenth century, decorative arts and artifacts of the Colonial Revival movement, and galleries showcasing contemporary art.


The Celtic Knot Unraveled: Paintings by Deirdre McCullough Grunwald
August 2019

The Celtic Knot Unraveled Paintings by Deirdre McCullough Grunwald This exhibit is organized by Arlene Hecht who represented Deirdre’s work for more than 20 years on Cape Cod. August 31 - October 31 Poet and artist, Deirdre McCullogh Grunwald (1946-2018) painted every day of her life. In the early 1980s, she viewed The Book of Kells* in an exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. This visit created a turning point. For more than twenty years, Celtic patterns appeared in her paintings, inspired and influenced by her study and exploration of this masterwork [...]


Beyond Color

Beyond Color: Poetic Charcoal Musings of Flora, Fauna, and Food June 6 - September 1 Artist Sandra J. Hadley uses charcoal to explore and celebrate the world beyond color. With the simple tools of charred wood, kneaded eraser, and paper, she creates complex works — poetic musings — that have been likened to photographs. Working with the nuances of tone, light, and line, she strives to capture an essential truth about each of her subjects that transcends the physical. In Beyond Color, she introduces Sebastian “The Bodacious”, the first in a new series featuring the wonderfully-wooly sheep from Falmouth’s [...]



Senioritis 2019 May 1 - May 17 Senioritis showcases the work of 40 Falmouth High School art students. These graduating seniors present engaging, inspiring, and thought-provoking work in a wide range of media — drawings, paintings, pastels, prints, ceramics, and graphic arts. Presenting artists are students of FHS art teachers Corine Adams, Jane Baker and Larisa Hart. “The show is important because it gives the students a chance to exhibit their artwork outside of the classroom and share it with the community,” according to Baker. Student artists include Emily Adams, Sophia Adelstein, Caroline Bagg, Bridget Beaudoin, Garret [...]


Unbound: Contemporary Rope Art
June 2019

Unbound: Contemporary Rope Art Curated by Marcia Young, Editor in Chief of Fiber Art Now Magazine June 30 – October 31 UNBOUND:  It’s unconventional, unexpected, and undeniably intriguing. This exhibit defines “rope” loosely as “any cord or strands of fibers united by being twisted, braided or threaded together.” Yet, in the hands of an artist, this common understanding leads to uncommon results. Marcia Young, publisher of Fiber Art Now, has brought together the work of twenty artists from around the country who have found unlimited expression in this seemingly mundane medium. Together, they have created a collection that is [...]


Time to Break Free: A Steampunk Journey
June 2019

Time to Break Free: A Steampunk Journey June 30 – October 31 DEBUTING AT HIGHFIELD: There’s an adventurous side to the Steampunk Artistic Movement, and Canadian fiber artist Dominique Ehrmann fully embraced it to break away from working two-dimensionally and create this grand, free-standing sculpture. The creation, her largest, mixes wood, steel, glass, and other materials with textiles. It also tells the story of a heroine — a quilt adventurer — who breaks out of her chains, moves through a time machine, and realizes her freedom.  Her friends — a punk-looking fox, faithful antelope, and wise raven--guide her every [...]


Crossing The Bridge: A Dialogue Between Four Painters and the Cape’s Artistic Legacy

Crossing The Bridge: A Dialogue Between Four Painters and the Cape’s Artistic Legacy Following a long line of artists who have found in Cape Cod a creative haven, Betty Carroll Fuller, Robert Henry, Jan Lhormer and Michael MacMahon each have made Cape Cod their home after relocating from various places. Highfield is excited to showcase their four distinctive styles of paintings which draw inspiration from either landscape, art history or personal narrative. Cape Cod has been known as a destination for artists since the early nineteen hundreds and was a haven for mid-century modernists and notable abstract [...]


Modern Wax: New Art From Old Beginnings

Modern Wax: New Art From Old BeginningsMay 18 – July 8, 2014Artist reception: June 29, 1:00 – 3:00 pmThe exhibition title refers to both the ancient history of encaustic and the extraordinary versatility of this medium, making it the perfect vehicle for modern artistic experimentation, encouraging freewheeling combinations of methods and materials and the blurring of lines between sculpture, painting, photography and printmaking. From the curators’ perspective, a grand historic setting such as Highfield Hall is an intriguing venue for present-day art, quite different from the usual “white box” gallery, and our goal is to create an artistic confrontation between [...]


Portals and Passageways

A Cape Cod Environmental Art and Sculpture Exhibition June 29 – September 7, 2014 Artist reception: June 29, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm This exhibition inaugurates Highfield Hall & Gardens’ outdoor environmental sculpture initiative. 20 regional artists have been invited to create environmental artworks utilizing Highfield Hall’s building, grounds and gardens, and the adjacent trails and walls of Beebe Woods surrounding the property. All works are large scale, temporary, and have no lasting impact on the natural environment. The goal of the exhibition is to encourage visitors to explore the area where the manicured lawns of Highfield Hall meet [...]


2015 Fairy Houses of Highfield Hall & Gardens

Fairy Houses of Highfield Hall Take a look at our Summer 2015 exhibition, more to come Summer 2017! Curated by Salley Mavor Read about our 2013 Fairy Houses  Featured Artists “Lizzie’s house” Jill Neubauer “Fairy Boat” Celeste & Deb Newman/Coulomb and Tiffany & Miranda VanMooy “Nautica” Kathy Hall & Stephen Douglas Ayers "Lone Star Postal” Barbara Whitehead & Bruce Safley “Kimberland” Kim Sheerin & Dena Papi “Believerton” Sheila Payne & [...]

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