“Pollination Ecology – How Can We Help Bees?”

Larry Dapsis, Entomologist from the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension returned via Zoom to Highfield Hall, this time to talk BEES! 

Honeybees, both locally and nationally have been suffering catastrophic losses. In our program last week, Larry Dapsis reviewed honey bee biology and the factors responsible for our environmental problem pertaining to the bee population.

Larry reviewed the state of wild pollinators like bumble bees and the things residents can do to help them. Many of the fruits and vegetables we eat require pollination. Certain foods will not be available to us in the future state unless we support the pollination of bees and their colonies. The current situation with murder hornets in the US was  discussed as well.

We invite you to click on the link below and listen to this conversation and learn more about what we can do to help.

“Ticks: One Bite Can Change Your Life….” 

Check out the recording our previously hosted virtual Tick Talk by Larry Dapsis, Entomologist from the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension.

This program was offered free to the community to try and help prepare and safeguard against ticks in the summer season ahead. The recording of the talk is now available to those who missed it! Larry Dapsis had been invited to share his knowledge about the seriousness of tick-borne illness – and most importantly-ways to safeguard yourself and your family from our region’s prime nemesis. Lyme Disease is the most prevalent tick-borne disease in Massachusetts and is now considered to be a public health crisis. Tick-borne diseases are preventable!

The talk reviewed the basic life cycle and ecology of deer ticks, incidence rates and distribution of tick-borne illnesses in addition to a database under development on infection rates from ticks. A three-point protection plan was presented: Protect Yourself, Protect Your Yard and Protect your Pet.

Larry Dapsis holds a B.S. in Environmental Science & Biology from Fitchburg State University and M.S. Entomology from University of Massachusetts – Amherst. He has thirty-six years of professional pest management experience including agriculture and household pest control. He joined Cape Cod Cooperative Extension in 2011 as Deer Tick Project Coordinator and Entomologist and is a member of the Barnstable County Task Force on Lyme and other Tick­Borne Diseases.