Highfield Hall & Garden’s Summer Silent Auction

“Utopian Fairy House!”

With the current real estate shortage on Cape Cod, Artist & Floral designer Anna Holmes has decided to put her Fairy Garden Bungalow on the market!

If you have any fairies in your life in need of a permanent residence, look no further. This RARE, furnished, one bedroom Utopian miniature masterpiece “A New Leaf On Life” is up for sale. Anna carefully crafted this five-foot tall complex & sturdy piece for the current Highfield Hall & Garden’s: Fairy House Exhibit. It was created with materials from nature…birch, oak, a variety of mosses, pinecone petals, and of course…magical bling. Guaranteed to withstand the elements, it is the perfect addition to your home or garden and will make the fairies in your life flutter with joy! Truly a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Ideal for any age, the home is adorned with this enticing fairy lesson: “Open your mind, accept people different from yourself.”

*Please note: The house will be reassembled by the artist at the local location of your choosing. Instillation will be scheduled after the exhibit closes in October 2020.*

Bidding will be open through September.

Opening Bid: $400.00
Bid Increments: $25.00

To make a bid, please click the button below to email us your offer!