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The cocktail party and entertaining at home, is a companion topic for the exhibition, Personae Gratae: Begin at Home, currently on view through March 22nd at Highfield Hall.

This illustrated talk examines how cocktails became the catalyst for bringing people together, creating a new form of entertaining, a thoroughly modern ritual, the cocktail party and supper. The lecturer, curator and Co-Director Joanne Ingersoll, looks through the lens of fashion and decorative arts, to assess social customs and behavior of Americans from the onset of Prohibition in January 1920, through the 1950s when French couturier Christian Dior proclaimed the “cocktail dress” the greatest invention in fashion ever, influencing an entirely new way of socializing, of dressing, and of course, relaxing.

How to mix a cocktail Party?  All you need to provide is a stage for the extroverts, an excuse for the heavy drinkers, girls for the boys – and let the potato chips fall where they may. The cocktail party, one of the autumnal glories of the American landscape, is once again upon us. The season proper opens when the first bird head south, and runs through the New Year when the last guest follows it to recuperate from the rigors of the eggnog campaign.

     How to mix a cocktail Party, A Nov. 2, 1958 New York Times article by Helen Markel

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