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Culinary Director Gail Blakely and special guest Laurie Palanza are taking us on a side trip to infuse the flavors of Provence and Tuscany into traditional holiday side dishes. Some of the key ingredients for this cooking class are chestnuts, almonds and a variety of mushrooms. Create a rich and hearty pumpkin-chestnut soup topped with toasted almonds and a drizzle of truffle oil. Stuff a beautiful acorn squash with a blend of quinoa, roasted almonds and chestnuts, then top it with porcini mushrooms. Then, marry the sweet and nutty Kabocha Squash with roasted chestnuts, crispy parsley and rosemary for a delicious holiday starter. These and the other recipes planned are not only unique and delicious, but also healthy.  Each one reflects the healthy cooking styles & techniques of the Blue Zones in Japan, Italy, Costa Rica, Greece and California.

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