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Another summer of “Buy Local, Eat Local”

This annual series focuses on produce available at our local  farmers’ markets. This year our culinary director, Gail Blakely, has joined a CSA and she will be bringing her box of fresh produce to the class so that you can join her in learning how to “cook local”!

The garden is plentiful now: carrots, golden beets, lots of herbs, cucumbers, and green beans should be available. We will learn how to pickle some vegetables (Alice Waters’ pickled golden beets are a life changing experience!) and go on to learn how to combine herbs in a new and different ways. Recipes and tastes are provided. Recipes are also subject to change depending on availability.

Register online now or give us a call at 508-495-1878 ext. 2

Please contact us before registering if you have food allergies or concerns, email or call, 508-495-1878, ext. 2.


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