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Two ‘Cottages’ and a Con Woman!

Join us as author Kathleen Brunelle discusses Helen Randall and her role in the history of Highfield Hall & Gardens.

Kathleen Brunelle is an English teacher and writer who was born and raised on Cape Cod. She has published two books centered on the history of the Cape: Bellamy’s Bride: The Search for Maria Hallet of Cape Cod and Cape Cod’s Highfield and Tanglewood: a Tale of Two Cottages. Kathleen’s grandparents were the caretakers of the cottages, and she grew up exploring their many secrets. One story included the amazing life of Helen Gertrude Randall, a con artist who lived in Falmouth during the 1930s and operated a nutrition and health spa at Highfield Hall. Hear how Randall operated her business, serving up remarkable health regimens for unsuspecting believers, and hear about those who she could not fool.

Kathleen’s work has been featured on The Point, and Spooky Southcoast, as well as in Cape Cod View Magazine, Falmouth Magazine, The Hechinger Report and Education Dive. Additionally, she was featured on Genealogy Roadshow: Season 3 and Mummies Unwrapped: Season 1 (Discovery Channel). Kathleen currently lives in Fairhaven with her husband, Robert, and their two children, Baylen and Mariel.

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