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Highfield introduces “LOOKING UP” a new collaborative science lecture series for Spring 2020.

Highfield Hall & Gardens’ is proud to partner with local science institutions to present a collaborative lecture series focusing on topics that have us “looking up,” including trees, birds, and the stars.

Please join Dr. Wayne S. Walker, Associate Scientist & Carbon Program Director at Woods Hole Research Center as he kicks off the series with Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Natural Solutions for a Changing Climate, an informative discussion on the earth’s changing climate and efforts we can make to slow the process.In our first talk, Dr. Walker will discuss the increasingly important relationship between global forests, the carbon they store, and crucial efforts we can all make to help mitigate climate change.

Wayne WalkerDr. Walker is an ecologist and remote sensing specialist interested in applications of satellite imagery to the assessment and monitoring of temperate and tropical ecosystems at regional to global scales. His research focuses on measuring and mapping forest structural attributes, land cover/land use change and terrestrial carbon stocks in support of habitat management, ecosystem conservation and carbon-cycle science. He is committed to building institutional capacity in the tools and techniques used to measure and monitor forests, working in collaboration with governments, NGOs and indigenous communities across the tropics. Dr. Walker holds degrees in forest ecology (M.S.) and remote sensing (Ph.D.) from the University of Michigan.

Lectures are FREE for members & $5 for non-members. 

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