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Louis Raymond
, a professional landscape designer has been designing and installing gardens full of uncommon & astonishing horticulture, creating flower shows, and lecturing (on the history, sociology, aesthetics, and, of course, horticulture of gardens) across the country for more than twenty years. His work has been featured in many major publications, and he’s enjoyed appearing on a variety of national and local television shows. Louis continues to work happily on his own garden in Southern Rhode Island.

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Louis Raymond about his lecture, Plays Well With Plants:
After so many years of creating gardens for clients, what garden do I create for myself?  I’m fifteen years into answering that question; fifteen years into creating my own garden-of-a-lifetime.  So far, so good: The red borders actually do look red, sometimes triumphantly.  The Belgian fence—of beeches, not fruit trees—is filling out its frame.  Two of the pergolas are built & largely canopied.  The double-ball topiary of hardy orange is the biggest & baddest on the continent.  The Southern magnolias, so rare this far north, are almost as high as the roof.

But the yellow borders?  The arboretum?  The dry gardens?  They’re on my computer & in my imagination, but not yet in the garden.  And these are just the projects on the to-do list that I already know about.  Horticulture’s a fast-growing field, so to speak; where will the next hundred of my favorite new plants go?  Always something more—& with only a lifetime to get it all done.  

How far we’ve come, the gardens and me.  And where we’re heading next, project by project, bloom by bloom, vine by vine, experiment by experiment.  The gardens succeed or fail as much from the plants themselves as from anything brought to the production by me, their impresario & caretaker.  To the degree they reach the goal of ever-greater excitement, it’s because of our synergy.  The plants & I, we’re all in this garden together.

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