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In this two-hour wellness workshop Carol Radford will guide participants through a variety of experiences to support them in finding peace, clarity, and joy. Workshop topics include mindfulness meditation, hand mudras, using your senses, journaling, service to others, and an introduction to forest bathing. Take an intentional pause from your busy life and discover the wellness strategies that resonate with you.

Each participant will receive a Wellness Tool Kit that includes a copy of Carol’s book, A Mindful Living Journal: Art and Affirmations to Nourish Your Soul.

Carol Radford is a certified yoga teacher who loves to share wellness strategies with others. She believes mindfulness helps to minimize stress and also enhances our joy. Carol is also an experienced teacher, author of several bestselling books, and founder of Mentoring in Action. Listen to Carol’s free podcasts and learn more about her other resources by visiting her website, Mentoring in Action.

Register online today or call 508-495-1878 ext. 2

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