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New culinary series POPPING UP in Highfield’s kitchen this winter!

Most home cooks have their favorite work horse appliances in their kitchens, but don’t always use them as often as perhaps they should.  This series will address three classics:  the electric pressure cooker (also known as the Instant Pot), the cast iron skillet, and that old chestnut, the food processor.

Want to re-season your skillet?
Are you a victim of PCT (pressure cooker trauma)?
Want to learn some new tricks for that old dog, the food processor? 

Our Culinary Director, Gail Blakely, will share her favorite, tried and true recipes for each of these, and answer questions about them as well. We will also take a look at some of the cookbooks that are out there for your reference, so you can decide which, if any, you wish to add to your library.

Recipes and tastes are provided. Recipes are also subject to change depending on availability.

Class size is limited. Grab a seat at the table EARLY!
Register online or call, 508-495-1878, ext. 2

Please contact us before registering if you have food allergies or concerns, email or call, 508-495-1878, ext. 2. All culinary classes may have food allergens present depending on menus and availability of ingredients.
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