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These classes are designed to be educational, a perfect opportunity for those wanting to explore the floral design industry, strengthen your design experience, for event planners and for your own personal fulfillment. All these classes are held at Highfield Hall, weekly March 23 – April 13, 6:00PM – 9:00PM.




Hand-Tied bouquet for the bride & her wedding party also a vase ready bouquet


  • How to “book” a wedding bouquet
  • Tools to guide the selection of materials used in the design. Fresh flowers & non-live.
  • Flowers available for the wedding date
  • Calculate the materials needed
  • Care & handling of materials
  • Where to buy and how to order


  • Design with seasonal and popular wedding flowers
  • How to wire & design with flowers that have no stems
  • Create a pleasing composition like the picture of the selected bouquet
    • Materials used hybrid garden roses, mini roses, cymbidium orchids, stephanotis, vines & seasonal flowers
  • Ribbon wrap the stems
  • Picture of work
  • Packaging the design for travel

Additional Series info:

March 23:

Bow making, fabric sculpture, ribbon roses & working with natural fibers


  • A practical introduction of The Elements and Principals of Floral Design to create pleasing designs.
    • Discussion of design styles, line, form, pattern, texture, size, color, size and fragrance will be reviewed
  • Reference material guide for tools, flower availability, care & handling of flowers & foliage
    • Flower identification chart
    • Tool box recommendation
  • Review best practice for mechanics and design techniques to create professional designs
  • Creating a portfolio
    • Picture taking, web sites, on line support for learning & marketing


  • Bow making, fabric sculpture & working with natural fibers incorporate into a hanging design.
  • Hands on working with a variety of ribbons, fabrics, vines, assorted wires, ties, clips that can be incorporated into designs.
    • Ribbons burlap, satin, velvet, wired, raffia, rope, lace and curling ribbon
    • Fabric lace, tulle, burlap
    • Wire guide
    • Where to buy

MARCH 30: 

Freestyle design centerpiece that will be part of an elongated design


  • Review the Elements and Principals of design pertinent to this design style
  • Discuss the characteristics of all material that will be used in the design.
  • How to calculate material needed. Seasonal flowers, vines, assorted greenery, candles, glass globe, foam & container.
  • Where and how to buy product
  • Care & handling of materials
  • Calculate Retail cost of design


  • A freestyle design that will be part of an elongated design.
  • How to feature materials to create a pleasing composition without being contrived.
  • Mechanics to assemble and incorporate fruit, glass globe, candles with flowers, vines & greenery
    • Materials Iris, Bells of Ireland, Stock flower, Apples, Grapes, Limes, ferns, ivy & ribbon
  • Packaging of design for travel


Create Wearable Art


  • Present samples & discuss Corsage, Boutonniere, Wristlet and flower on comb
  • Techniques of wiring, taping, gluing flowers that can be worn on dress, lapel, wrist and hair
  • Tools needed for this design where to buy and selection process
  • Best flowers to use for these designs
  • Calculate material needed
  • Care & handling
  • Where to buy and how to order


  • Working with popular flowers to create a variety of designs.
  • Design applications to manipulate flowers into your designs
    • Use wire, gluing, artificial stems, magnets to achieve the wearable art design
    • Flowers & Material used dendrobium orchids, mini roses, berries, succulents and assorted season flowers
  • Pictures of work
  • Packaging designs
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