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This class has been cancelled, please call for more information: 508-495-1878, ext. 2


March 23:

Bow making, fabric sculpture, ribbon roses & working with natural fibers


  • A practical introduction of The Elements and Principals of Floral Design to create pleasing designs.
    • Discussion of design styles, line, form, pattern, texture, size, color, size and fragrance will be reviewed
  • Reference material guide for tools, flower availability, care & handling of flowers & foliage
    • Flower identification chart
    • Tool box recommendation
  • Review best practice for mechanics and design techniques to create professional designs
  • Creating a portfolio
    • Picture taking, web sites, on line support for learning & marketing


  • Bow making, fabric sculpture & working with natural fibers incorporate into a hanging design.
  • Hands on working with a variety of ribbons, fabrics, vines, assorted wires, ties, clips that can be incorporated into designs.
    • Ribbons burlap, satin, velvet, wired, raffia, rope, lace and curling ribbon
    • Fabric lace, tulle, burlap
    • Wire guide
    • Where to buy

Additional Series info:

MARCH 30: 

Freestyle design centerpiece that will be part of an elongated design


  • Review the Elements and Principals of design pertinent to this design style
  • Discuss the characteristics of all material that will be used in the design.
  • How to calculate material needed. Seasonal flowers, vines, assorted greenery, candles, glass globe, foam & container.
  • Where and how to buy product
  • Care & handling of materials
  • Calculate Retail cost of design


  • A freestyle design that will be part of an elongated design.
  • How to feature materials to create a pleasing composition without being contrived.
  • Mechanics to assemble and incorporate fruit, glass globe, candles with flowers, vines & greenery
    • Materials Iris, Bells of Ireland, Stock flower, Apples, Grapes, Limes, ferns, ivy & ribbon
  • Packaging of design for travel


Hand-Tied bouquet for the bride & her wedding party also a vase ready bouquet


  • How to “book” a wedding bouquet
  • Tools to guide the selection of materials used in the design. Fresh flowers & non-live.
  • Flowers available for the wedding date
  • Calculate the materials needed
  • Care & handling of materials
  • Where to buy and how to order


  • Design with seasonal and popular wedding flowers
  • How to wire & design with flowers that have no stems
  • Create a pleasing composition like the picture of the selected bouquet
    • Materials used hybrid garden roses, mini roses, cymbidium orchids, stephanotis, vines & seasonal flowers
  • Ribbon wrap the stems
  • Picture of work
  • Packaging the design for travel


Create Wearable Art


  • Present samples & discuss Corsage, Boutonniere, Wristlet and flower on comb
  • Techniques of wiring, taping, gluing flowers that can be worn on dress, lapel, wrist and hair
  • Tools needed for this design where to buy and selection process
  • Best flowers to use for these designs
  • Calculate material needed
  • Care & handling
  • Where to buy and how to order


  • Working with popular flowers to create a variety of designs.
  • Design applications to manipulate flowers into your designs
    • Use wire, gluing, artificial stems, magnets to achieve the wearable art design
    • Flowers & Material used dendrobium orchids, mini roses, berries, succulents and assorted season flowers
  • Pictures of work
  • Packaging designs

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