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Carol Pelletier Radford EdD, the author of Teaching With Light: Ten Lessons For Finding Wisdom, Balance, and Inspiration, will lead this workshop designed for practicing teachers who are looking for ways to enhance their well-being and stay inspired.

Teachers will learn: 1) how to find their wisdom through stories 2) wellness strategies to maintain emotional balance before, during, and after school 3) where to look for inspiration. The workshop includes a copy of the book and all workshop materials.

Carol is an experienced classroom teacher, teacher educator, and author of several bestselling books. She received her doctorate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she focussed her studies on mentoring and teacher leadership.

She is also a certified yoga teacher who practices meditation and shares mindfulness strategies with teachers to help them maintain their balance. She is the founder of Mentoring in Action, an organization dedicated to the success of novice teachers and their mentors.  We encourage you to check out her free resources for teachers by visiting her website.

Register online now or call, 508-495-1878 ext. 2

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