Garden Tip 120:


Every year around this time I suggest that it is a good idea to put together a few mixed planters to have on hand to add color to the garden and patio or to use as accents during special occasions. The general recipe for a mixed planter is to use a thriller, a filler, and a spiller meaning an upright component, a spreading plant and a trailing plant.

One of the biggest problems with putting together a mixed planter is selecting the plants. The offerings are so vast in variety and color that one can easily be overwhelmed when making an attempt to put together a proper combination. Don’t worry–the breeders of all these wonderful plants have selected their most popular and best-looking combos of thrillers and spillers and are growing them together in 6-inch pots, so stop into your local garden center and check them out!

Simply pick up one or two of these combo pots, add a thriller like a dahlia, canna or mandevilla and presto, your creation is complete! I have put together a good number of planters using these combo pots with excellent results. They are quick, easy and artistic, and they make me look good!