Garden Tip 121:


Hostas are herbaceous perennials grown from rhizomes. They are very versatile plants with some varieties suitable for shade and others for sun. Depending on variety, clumps can range in size from three inches by three inches (the miniatures) to giant plants six feet across and four feet tall.

Colors include blue, green, yellow, white and a countless number of combinations of these colors in variegated varieties. Some hosta varieties have stiff stems and hold their foliage erect, but many have a growth habit that is low and spreading. As these plants grow and mature, their lower foliage gets crowded out at ground level and the plants have a bit of an unkempt appearance.

At this time of year, I like to cut off the lower foliage raising the plant an inch or two above the ground. This not only improves the appearance of the plant immensely but increase light and air around the plant and decreases the hiding spots for earwigs, slugs and bunnies. Go ahead and give your hosta a lift!