Garden Tip 124:


There are two popular garden subjects that come up frequently in the summer months– hydrangeas and pollinator plants. The two are not usually talked about together; however, some hydrangeas (those with lacecap-like flowers) make great pollinator plants. Lacecap hydrangeas are not a type of hydrangea, rather they are hydrangeas with a particular style of flower.

Lacecap hydrangea flowers produce fertile florets loaded with pollen and nectar. One of my favorites in this category is Hydrangea ‘Little Quickfire.’ This shrub produces white flowers that turn to pinkish red as the season progresses. They are held on strong stems that never droop. It is a compact grower, three to five feet tall and wide, and it has interesting bronze-colored foliage in the fall.

For a large hydrangea in this category, you might try Hydrangea ‘Haas’ Halo.’ This plant has very large flowers in June and July and does best in full sun. When choosing a shrub for the dual purpose of beauty and pollination, or to mix things up in your pollinator garden, plant a hydrangea with lacecap flowers.