Garden Tip 125:


Color in the garden very often reaches its peak in mid-July to early August. Now is the time to observe your garden to see how well your color palette lends to the appeal and interest of your landscape. Photos and notes are a great way to record what is working and what can be improved.

Repetition of color can draw attention and add cohesion to garden plantings. The bright colors of yellow, orange and red catch the eye and are good to use to create a focal point. Layering of color horizontally adds depth to the landscape.

To create special interest use mass plantings in large drifts of a single color using either a single variety or mixed varieties of the same color and don’t forget the option of using dark foliage such as Sambucus nigra, Ninebark and Canna for contrast and special affect. For the classic look, incorporate a monochrome planting in your garden using different plants all in the same hue.