Garden Tip 47:


Every year at this time I watch the calendar and the long range weather forecast to decide when we are in that “frost free” zone and temperatures are right for full on gardening.

Some gardeners wait for May 15th, some the 21st, and some even until Memorial day. Every year is different and fortunately for us this year appears to be May15. The ten day forecast has day temperatures in the sixties and seventies and the all important night temperature of above fifty degrees. Vegetables, annuals, tubers and bulbs are good to go!

This weekend all of my house plants will be moved outside. They do need to be acclimated to the outdoor sunlight so I group them under trees in the shade for ten to fourteen days. Once they are acclimated I use them in the garden in group settings to create small vignettes of interest. Houseplants outdoors do need frequent watering so staging them in groups makes this task a bit easier and adding a bit of time release fertilizer will keep them healthy and vibrant.