Garden Tip 51:garden


I have planted quite a few hosta in my landscape over the years. Not only can they be big, bold and beautiful in the garden, their dense growing habit prevents weeds from growing in the garden as well. An additional feature I discovered last year is that they exhibited very little stress during the prolonged summer drought.

There are over ten thousand named varieties of hosta and their mature size can range from two inches to eight feet across. Be sure to check the label for size when you are picking hosta for color and leaf shape so that you end up with the right plant in the right place.

A few of my favorites in the large category include Hosta ‘Sagae’, a giant with green leaves with a yellow edge, Hosta ‘Blue Angel’, and the large green leaf Hosta ‘Sum and Substance. Hosta ‘Regal Splendor’ is upright and vase shaped and has a regal appearance in the garden indeed!