Garden Tip 59:garden


Recently I spoke about the importance of garden editing. Pruning, deadheading, cutting back, in general removing anything that isn’t adding to the picture. July into August is the time for serious garden editing and planning. Gardens are maxed out now and it is important to take a good hard look at the overall picture.

Gardens can get over crowded at this time of year and plants competing for light and air often times become weak and scraggly. Sometimes it is best just to remove entire plants or shrubs. Tall phlox, daylilies, and hosta are just some of the varieties that I have removed from gardens this time of year.

Two years ago I removed all the tall phlox that were highly susceptible to powdery mildew creating space in the garden and taking care of a problem at the same time, a two for! Be sure to check out shrubs as well. Maybe the rhododendron is getting too wide, the lilac too woody or the viburnum too tall.

Serious garden editing can be done all year round but now is the time to look and make note as gardens are in their full summer growth.