Garden Tip 84:


May 15th, May 31st, Memorial Day, after the full moon– these are some of the answers you will receive when you ask the question: “When is it safe to put frost sensitive plants outside in the month of May?” Frost sensitive plants include annual plants, vegetable plants, and of course house plants.

I wait until night temperatures remain consistently in the fifties. This year I choose May 18th to begin the exodus of my house plants to the great outdoors. Once I begin, I try to do a few plants each day so I have time to give them any special attention they may need such as cleaning, pruning and repotting.

It is wise to move plants outside when cloudy weather is predicted and, even better, when it is going to rain. Plants should be placed in deep shade for a week to acclimate them to the outdoor light and help prevent any burning of the foliage. I use house plants in the garden to create accents and vignettes, placing three to five plants together for a dramatic effect and ease of watering.