Week 10:Garden Tip 10_2020

The sun is high and the days are long, so too should be your lawn!

With the onset of hot, sunny days it is time to mow your lawn high for a variety of beneficial reasons. Tall grass helps to shade the soil and preserve it’s moisture while at the same time keeping sunlight from reaching weed seed and emerging weeds. The green grass blade contains chlorophyll which manufactures carbohydrates to feed the lawn. Longer blades of grass mean more chlorophyll which translates to more food available to the growing grass.

Lawn mowers have adjustable blade heights. My mower has a low setting of one and a high of six. I mow my sunny lawn areas on six and finish off the edges on five for a more manicured look. My shade lawns are mowed on five with the edges done on four. One final mowing note, I never bag lawn clippings but leave those energized stems to further enrich the soil.