Week 14:Garden Tip 14


The key to a successful garden is the same as that for a successful movie or book– editing. Editing is always necessary in the garden but it is even more so now that the summer season is here.

Take a morning coffee or evening cocktail stroll through the garden and take note of anything that is not adding to the picture. This is garden editing. Work in specific areas or by specific plants so as not to be overwhelmed by what needs to be done. Work in the north or south border or in the front garden and complete one garden at a time.

Other times it is good to work on a specific plant such as removing dried Forget Me Nots or yellow daffodil foliage through out the garden. Other garden editing chores at this time include cleaning and deadheading of spring perennials and the pruning of spring flowering shrubs such as spirea, lilac, and viburnum for shape and size control.