Week 31:


Like most gardeners that I know, I have my favorite pair of pruners. Pruners are probably the most important tool a gardener can have and finding the right pair becomes a very personal choice. The weight, grip and cut all come in to play in deciding on the right pair of pruners.

I am not sure if we all develop the same affinity when it comes to choosing a trowel. For years I would grab the first trowel that came into sight and go about my work. I discovered the Hori Hori garden knife a few years back and that became my go to trowel.

I now have a new favorite and it is not a trowel at all, it is a shovel. I have found that even when working on the ground certain tasks can be done more efficiently and easily with a shovel. Garden chores that I do with a shovel include planting bulbs and small perennials and digging tender annuals to pot up and bring indoors. One can move a lot more soil in a shorter amount of time with a shovel and it’s weight and leverage have distinct advantages when working in heavy or rocky soil.

Shovels come in all shapes and sizes so I suggest that you try a few to find your fit. I started with a short handle spade but now use a long handle pointed shovel. And one other plus, it is a lot easier to find a discarded shovel in the garden than it is a trowel!