Week 3:


Sunshine, fresh air, exercise, and getting something done for yourself = the winning combination of gardening!

Let”s talk spring cleanup! If there was just one thing you could do in your garden this spring, I would recommend giving your lawn edge a fresh cut. Edging the lawn contributes the most to the finished appearance of your landscape. The lawn edger is a simple tool (that half-moon shaped blade with a handle). It is a tool you will probably use just once a year so if you don’t own an edger, don’t buy one! One of your neighbors will likely have an edger that you can borrow. Just ask them to leave it out for you.

Give the lawn edge a fresh cut and leave the small clumps of sod to dry in the bed for a day or two. It is then easy to shake off any loam from the dry clumps as you collect them up. I can easily get carried away when edging the lawn, cutting a bigger bed here, adding an extra curve there, more to garden and less to mow!