Week 6:

TOPDRESSING YOUR GARDENGarden Tip_Topdressing 2020

Every fall nature blankets the earth with a layer of leaves, needles and twigs. This natural “topdressing” eventually breaks down and ensures the enrichment of the soil beneath. Spring is a good time for gardeners to do some topdressing of their own!

Topdress material can be composted or dehydrated manure, potting soil, aged compost or a favorite of mine– lobster compost that I purchase at my local garden center. I topdress plants that are newly planted or those that are under-performing and any that are planted where I know the soil is poor.

Treasured plants from family and friends and those of considerable investment are likely candidates as well. Topdress material can be spread around the base of the plant and nature takes care of the rest. Vegetable gardens also benefit greatly from an annual layer of topdressing at planting time.