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Would you like to help in the gardens but are not able to attend on Tuesday mornings? Highfield Hall & Gardens has set up an Adopt a Garden Program just for you!

How does this work? The garden areas listed below are available for you work in around your schedule. Tasks include weeding and deadheading. No digging, planting or transplanting please! Please bring your own weed buckets, tools and clippers. Debris can be left in the areas noted below.

Sunken Garden: Weeding beds and the gardens along the slopes as well as areas around the old trees stumps, which now have beds around them. Dead heading of roses and annuals and perennials in the flower beds. Debris can be left in the woods across the street from exit driveway of the Theater parking lot.

West Garden: Gardens inside the fence can be weeded and dead­headed as well as the outside the fence. Pathways can be weeded and raked. Debris can be left in the woods across the pathway. There is a small hill and we dump debris just over the hill, out of view.

Fern/Black­Eye Susan Walkway: All beds along either side of the walkway leading up to the main House. Weeding and deadheading of the beds and pathways as well. Debris can be left in the same place as the West Garden.

Tier Beds Along the Parking lot: Weeding beds and along sidewalks deadheading hydrangeas as needed. Debris can be left behind the Garden Shed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Terry Soares at

Highfield West Garden and patio
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