Fairy Houses of Highfield Hall

Take a look at our Summer 2015 exhibition, more to come Summer 2017!

Curated by Salley Mavor

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Fairy Houses

 Featured Artists

Fairy House Jill Neubauer
“Lizzie’s house”
Jill Neubauer
Fairy House Celeste & Deb Newman/Coulomb and Tiffany & Miranda VanMooy
“Fairy Boat”
Celeste & Deb Newman/Coulomb and Tiffany & Miranda VanMooy
Fairy House “Nautica” byKathy Hall & Stephen Douglas Ayers
Kathy Hall & Stephen Douglas Ayers
Fairy House Barbara Whitehead & Bruce Safley
“Lone Star Postal”
Barbara Whitehead & Bruce Safley
Fairy House Kim Sheerin & Dena Papi
Kim Sheerin & Dena Papi
Fairy House Sheila Payne & Sally Egan
Sheila Payne & Sally Egan
Fairy House Tessa Morgan
“Rhodo’s Rocky Roost”
Tessa Morgan
Fairy House Nan Logan
“Spirit House”
Nan Logan
Fairy House Tessa D’Agostino
“Fane of Thearsingri”
Tessa D’Agostino
Fairy House Toby Lorenzen & Mike Grady
“Mushroom Manor”
Toby Lorenzen & Mike Grady
Fairy House Nancy Porter & Kellie Porter
“Hole in the Woods Library”
Nancy Porter & Kellie Porter
Fairy House Glen & Susan Carliss
“Glendell Towers”
Glen & Susan Carliss
Fairy House Matt Inman
“The Oak Inn”
Matt Inman
Fairy House Bobbi Bailin
“Spiral Hallow”
Bobbi Bailin
Fairy House Salley Mavor
“Grate Hall”
Salley Mavor
Fairy House Ramune Jauniskis
“Le Petit Maison”
Ramune Jauniskis
Fairy House Nora & Ella Gardner
“The Borrowed Garden House”
Nora & Ella Gardner
Fairy House Sue Beardsley & Tehva Baumflek
“Fairy House-Boat”
Sue Beardsley & Tehva Baumflek
Fairy House Cynthia Rose
“Eilonwy’s Stand”
Cynthia Rose
Fairy House Skee Houghton
“Wuthering Depths”
Skee Houghton
Fairy House Ellen & Sloan Brodsky
“White Birch”
Ellen & Sloan Brodsky
Fairy House Carol Chittenden
Carol Chittenden
Fairy House Gretchen Partridge
“Fairies Playground”
Gretchen Partridge
Fairy House Ron Geering
Ron Geering
Fairy House Nicole St. Pierre
“Enchanted Baa Baa Hollow Cottage”
Nicole St. Pierre
Fairy House Julie Child
“Beech Front Cottage”
Julie Child
Fairy House Angela Tanner
“Cordelia Butterdragon’s School for Magical Creatures”
by Angela Tanner
Fairy House Marianne Fricke & Becky Deptula
“Glittering Glen”
Marianne Fricke & Becky Deptula
Fairy House Lauren & Sadie Leveque
“Woods Hole”
Lauren & Sadie Leveque
Fairy House Vinnie & Carla Zavorskas
“Woodland Lookout”
Vinnie & Carla Zavorskas
Fairy House Salley Mavor
“Lichen Lookout”
Salley Mavor
Fairy House Sue Beardsley
“Home of the Tooth Fairy”
Sue Beardsley


Stickwork Sculptor Patrick Dougherty


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