Molly Bang: When I’m 75 I Think I’ll Have an Exhibition

April 15 – June 17

“When I was young, I thought I’d be retired by now and maybe walking across the country. Somehow, I’m still writing and illustrating children’s books. I still really, really like to do it.”

Molly Bang

Molly Bang, a three-time Caldecott Honor winner, has written and illustrated more than twenty books for young readers. She is well known for her interest in the natural world and her advocacy for environmental issues, which is reflected in her work. Her most recent book, Living Sunlight,: How Plants Bring the Earth to Life, is a stunning poetic exploration of the universal energy force within us all.

Other titles that explore our world include: My Light, which celebrates the many wonders of the sun, with radiant words and images that illuminate the myriad ways in which the sun gives us energy and power from its light, and Common Ground, for which Bang won the Giverny Award for Best Science Picture Book. In this book, she talks about one of the most basic and important principles in ecology, known as the “tragedy of the commons.”

Author and illustrator Molly Bang has always had an adventurous spirit, which is not only reflected in her writing, but also in her own life. After college Molly taught English in Japan. She returned to the U.S for graduate studies in East Asian Languages and Literatures, then worked in India, Bangladesh, and West Africa for Johns Hopkins, Unicef and Harvard. Her first books were translations of folktales from some of these countries, which she also illustrated. These folktales helped teach her elements of good stories, which she would later use when she wrote her own texts.

Molly Bang divides her time between Falmouth, Massachusetts and Northern California.

You can find more information about the artist and her books here.


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