60/60: Over Sixty Pieces of Art by Women Over Sixty

Juried Art Show at Falmouth’s Highfield Hall produced by Art Because…

JULY 8th – AUGUST 23rd

Let’s look at over sixty pieces of art by women over sixty who all grew up in the sixties.

Art Because…

is a collaborative group of three women artists on Cape Cod, who work independently and come together on a regular basis to share their ideas and their work, to provide critiques and support and to periodically create group shows. The women of Art Because… continue to explore their reasons for making art and understanding the experiences which influenced their art.

In September of 2017, the group opened their first show on the Upper Cape at the Cataumet Arts Center in Bourne. The show featured mixed media works by Kat Brennan, photography by Elizabeth Hathon, and impressionist acrylic paintings by Anne Torry-Ballou.

The group continues to meet regularly and plans are already underway for more shows.

Art Exhibit 2020_60/60


Stickwork Sculptor Patrick Dougherty


2020 Exhibit_Ancestry+Legacy