Ancestry + Legacy


Curated by Jon Moore
Featured Artists:

Mark Chester – Photgraphy
John Cira –
Mixed Media, Sculpture
Hollis Engley –
Jon Goldman – Mixed Media
Jan Lhormer – Painting

Jon Moore – Photography/ Video
Richard Neal –
Mixed Media, Sculpture
Nate Olin – Painting, Drawing
Jackie Reeves –
Kimberly Sheerin – Ceramic Art

Ancestry + Legacy is a meditation on how past, present, and future are inextricably intertwined.

Artists in the show contemplate how their own unique ancestries influence both their present lives and future legacies. This theme manifests in a vast range of media and subject matter, as each artist has a unique background and thus offers a different perspective. Ancestry + Legacy celebrates the diversity of expression and connections with the past. On both large and small scales, understanding history is necessary to assess the current condition and how to best move forward into the future. Some artists explore this connection on a personal level, whereas others delve into more global connections. Politics, heritage, and identity are common themes that can be found throughout the artworks in the show.

Artist and curator Jon Moore invited nine Cape Cod based artists to consider what ancestry and legacy means to them, and the result is a wide range of interpretations in the forms of photography, painting, sculpture, and ceramics. He encourages reflection upon questions surrounding the relationship between politics and art, artists and their own cultures and communities, and ultimately what artists leave behind as their legacies.

What if?

“Questions alone are more powerful than answers. Their power comes from remaining elusive, floating in the air like a falling leaf in September. Questions are a catalyst for future realizations, dialog, and action. The artists of Ancestry + Legacy speak about the past, while also examining present life situations within a world pandemic of divisiveness, inequalities, and conflict… but with the real potential for an awakening.”

– Jon Moore, Artist / Curator, Ancestry + Legacy.

The exhibition will be on view in the galleries at Highfield Hall from September 2nd through October 31st, 2020.