* Virtual Exhibit*
60/60: Over Sixty Pieces of Art by Women Over Sixty

Juried Art Show at Falmouth’s Highfield Hall produced by Art Because…

MAY 15 – AUGUST 23rd

We are women. We are artists. We are over sixty. What do we have to say? We were teens & young adults in the 1960’s. Now, sixty years later, what is it we want to say to the world through our art? Are we feminists or femmes fatales? Are we bad-assed bitches or bimbos? Are we catches or snatches? Are we going to escalate it or diffuse it, zip it, or let it fly? Are we exhausted or exhilarated from our balancing act? Are we sick of the male dominated culture we grew up in? Or are we delighted with our new-found freedom (retirement, empty nest) that allows us to say and do whatever we want?

Let’s look at over sixty pieces of art by women over sixty who all grew up in the sixties. Then maybe we can answer some of these questions.