Edges: Regional Exhibition of the Studio Art Quilt Associates

APRIL 7th – JUNE 5th

We encounter many edges in our lives – the edge between water and land, land and sky, day and night, fall and winter, hope and discouragement. We can equally live on the edge, negotiating a path between difficult options or exploring life to its limits.

Artists were invited to explore and present their own interpretation of the theme, “Edges”.

REGION: Massachusetts & Rhode Island

JUROR:  Anastasia Azure

Anastasia Azure hand-weaves dimensional art, exploring the grace of geometry. She shares her connection with our harmonious universe by creating contemporary wall sculptures and innovative jewelry. Combining metalsmithing with an ancient, Peruvian weaving technique, she uses wire and hand-dyed nylon monofilament on a traditional floor loom.


Managing curator of exhibition: Elaine Cominos Hickey, SAQA region: MA/RI
Co-Managing curator of exhibition: Sue Colozzi, SAQA region: MA/RI