Senioritis 2021

APRIL 28th – MAY 17th

Senioritis showcases the work of Falmouth High School art students. These graduating seniors present engaging, inspiring, and thought-provoking work in a wide range of media.

This will be the 15th annual senioritis show at Highfield Hall, a tradition started by Jane Baker and Barbara Milligan in 2007 as a way to feature the artistic talents of the senior students in a beautiful setting. With the high school under renovation and the student gallery in a work zone, Highfield and FHS collaborated to establish this artistic tradition. Over the years, the show has become an event that is greatly anticipated and cherished by the senior class.

This exhibit is open to all seniors who have taken an art class at FHS and want to feature their work in the class art show. Presenting artists are students of art teachers Corine Adams, ceramics art teacher, and Jane Baker, studio art teacher.

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Stickwork Sculptor Patrick Dougherty


2020 Exhibit_Ancestry+Legacy