Understory: Juried Exhibition of the Guild of American Papercutters

APRIL 19th – JULY 10th

Turning Cut Paper into Art

Understory refers to the rich variety of life and activity found near and on the forest floor, where little sun penetrates.
A juried selection of cut paper artwork by Guild of American Papercutters (GAP) members, explores the literal and figurative understory, as well as hidden, underground, or underwater ecosystems of any kind.

The Guild of American Papercutters is a membership-based community that promotes awareness about, preserves the heritage of, and advances the art of papercutting.

We invite you to visit and enjoy the exhibition.

Participating Artists:

  • Bach Dena
  • Bale Wendy
  • Bieler Lucrezia
  • Burkus Romy
  • Cameron Donna
  • Collins Debra
  • Dahlgren Linda
  • Dargan-Powers Rosa
  • Escolme Tracey
  • Fogel Jerise
  • Friedman David
  • Gower Reni
  • Grabman Marie-Helene
  • Guest Carolyn
  • Hudson Jennifer
  • Jackson Gillian
  • Jenkins David
  • Kehoss Melanie
  • Reichard David
  • Schuchman Richard
  • Shadur Yehudit
  • Shapiro Mindy
  • Stinson-Chennell Cindy
  • Williams Randall
  • Wong Vera
  • Wróbel Sam