Highfield Hall’s Capital Campaign

Honoring our History, Embracing our Future.

With more than 20 years of constant building use, ongoing program growth, and ever-changing community needs, Highfield is now at a critical juncture and must take action to secure the organization’s long-term future.

Our Strategic Plan identified critical building and operational needs and established a blueprint for sustainability.

Planning was informed by: careful consideration of Highfield’s impact on the community; a professional and practical evaluation of the building and grounds for repairs needed, best use of space, efficiencies, and historic preservation; and establishing robust financial objectives to meet dynamic operational needs.

Overarching Goals

  • Provide for Highfield’s long-term financial and operational sustainability, including ongoing stewardship of the property
  • Ensure that the estate’s use and benefit to the community reach its full potential

Critical needs: Historic Preservation & Restoration

Vision for the Future

A campaign to raise $5.8 million will
put Highfield Hall & Gardens on the path
to long-term sustainability.
It will honor the legacy of
those who fought to save the estate
by continuing historic preservation efforts
and ensuring that the estate’s
use and benefit to the community
reach its full potential.