Your Utopia: Lessons From the Fairies!

Fairy Houses of Highfield Hall & Gardens 2020

June 30th – August 30th

Returning to Highfield Hall & Gardens for summer 2020 – “Lessons from the Fairies” allows us to imagine what nature spirits can teach us about our lives, and the positive impact we can have on the earth. 


We are accepting submissions for Fairy Houses at this time. Please submit your proposals to

Your Fairy House Utopia can take many forms and we welcome proposals from individuals, couples, or families.  We have room for up to 30 creations on the property and looking for originality, choice of materials, site sensitivity, a sketch, and a written description about what makes your fairy house Utopian in character.  In considering your design please use natural or upcycled materials suitable to the outdoors, so that a little rain or wind won’t damage the integrity of your piece of G-Rated Utopia


MAY 15 – deadline to submit your theme with description of materials and estimated dimensions. Please provide sketch if possible. If you require special mounting materials please let us know.

JUNE 1 – submit biography (brief is fine) of the makers of the fairy house. You may include more sketches or photograph of your work-in-progress, which may be included in the printed map for visitors to use all summer. Highfield Hall & Gardens will provide signage so all accurate information is due to by June 1st.

JUNE 13 – JUNE 28th – Complete Installation of Fairy House.

JUNE 30 – Fairy House installation opens to public. (reception still to be determined)

AUGUST 30 – official last day of Fairy House exhibition. However if people need to de-install prior to the 30th it will be allowed just to make it possible for summer only residents to participate.

A look back at past Fairy Houses!

Fairy House by Sue Beardsley
Fairy House by Nancy Porter, Susan Fuller & Emeline Porter


Stickwork Sculptor Patrick Dougherty



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