Visit Beebe Woods

Named after the Beebe Family that created the Highfield estate, Beebe Woods consists of 383 acres of land given to the Town of Falmouth in 1972 by Mr. and Mrs. Josiah K. Lilly, III.

The woods were once part of the 700 acre property that was acquired in the 1870s by James Madison Beebe. For Mr. Beebe’s children, the woods were an integral part of their summer lives at Highfield Hall and Tanglewood. Growing and nurturing trees were a particular passion for the siblings. A tree farm was located at the Beebe’s nearby farm, on Shore Street in downtown Falmouth, and many of the specimen trees in the town were donated and planted by the Beebe family.

After the death of the last Beebe son, the land passed through several owners, and in 1972 was slated for a 500 home development. A “by-pass” highway to Woods Hole was also considered. J. K. Lilly prevented those outcomes when he purchased it for conservation and donated the bulk of the property to the town.

Beebe Woods hosts an extensive network of walking trails that cover miles of varied terrain, exploring wooded ridges and steep-sided hollows, and encircle the picturesque pond know as the “Punch Bowl” that lies deep within the Woods. The trails also connect at the southern end of Beebe Woods to Peterson Farm.

The Beebe Woods Trailhead may be accessed by parking at Highfield Hall and entering from the rear of the property at the Ice House.

Beebe Woods is owned by the town of Falmouth and stewarded by The 300 Committee Land Trust.

Beebe Woods Rock