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Music Garden

Located along the Beech Tree Path, you’ll discover the Music Garden bringing art, music, and nature together in perfect harmony.

The five-instrument ensemble includes five drums, seven chimes up to nine feet tall, a beautiful sounding xylophone, an imbarimba with African sounds, and visually stunning Swirl chimes.

The musical instruments are perfectly pitched for soothing and high-energy improvisational play, solo or in a group. Fun for all ages and abilities! Open year-round from dawn to dusk.

The Music Garden was made possible by a generous gift from the Mezzacappa family.

To learn about Grammy-award-winner Richard Cooke who created these stunning outdoor instruments, check out the Highfield blog.

Family Fun Music Garden

Music Garden Highfield Hall

Summer 2019

A one-of-a-kind Patrick Dougherty stick sculpture will be displayed on the Highfield front lawn!

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